What is Birth Photography?

Birth Photography is the documentary style photographic story of the journey of your labour and birth experience. The preparations, contractions, and the anticipation; and to actually holding and meeting your new baby for the first time. Each story is amazing, each story unique. This event will change you and your life, in the most profound way. It deserves to be documented and remembered beautifully.


Like many important and meaningful events in life, the birth of your child is an intense whirlwind of emotions and special moments.  Having me there to capture this life-changing event, allows you to focus on you, your baby, and loved ones without having to worry over a detail being forgotten or a photo opportunity being missed.


Unlike an ordinary photographic session, there is no direction on my part while taking photos. I simply observe and photograph the story and emotions as they naturally unfold...From details of the room or place you are, to how your husband is supporting you.  I am careful to photograph in a way that is pleasing and flattering, and I make sure the pictures are composed in a very tasteful and modest way.



I’ll keep in close touch with you and your baby’s progress during the weeks before the big day — so that when baby comes, I will be ready too!  Once you give the go ahead, I will drop everything to meet you at the hospital or your home to begin documenting your unique and special story. I’ll stay as long as it takes to capture your very first images with the newest little addition.  Whether it is at 3 am is a 2 day labour, or an emergency C-section...I’ll be there, regardless.



Twinkle Star Birth Photography is a proud member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP). As well as locally, a proud member of The Cape Town Birth Photographers Association.


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